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With our templates, your contracts and documents will always be compliant and up-to-date. From employment contracts to additional agreements, we cover everything that is considered good standard. All starting from 150 € per month.

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All twinwin templates are highly customizable, easy to use and match most use cases out-of-the-box. Maintained by proven labor law experts, you will always stay legally safe and compliant. Get access now, starting from 120 € per month.

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“Twinwin's templates saved us a lot of time and money. We received up-to-date, high-quality contracts, with a bilingual option, that have been customized according to our needs.”
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“Most importantly, twinwin offers up-to-date templates that automatically align with the latest regulations. No more struggling to keep templates current or consulting expensive lawyers. twinwin has truly been a game-changer for me”.
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Risks of wrong legal wording 

Common HR mistakes
Ambiguous or unfairly disadvantaging wording  in overtime clauses
Poorly worded or missing post-contractual non-compete clause
Lack of explicit clauses prohibiting the disclosure of sensitive business data
Missing or weak Intellectual property (IP) clauses in employment contracts
No differentiation between statutory and contractual vacation entitlement
Legal risks
The clause is then deemed to be without legal effect, and all overtime needs to be paid out
Higher likelihood of competitors hiring valuable employees
Loss of control over valuable IP and potential legal disputes over IP ownership
Loss of control over valuable IP and potential  legal disputes over IP ownership
Expensive pay-outs of leftover vacation days upon termination of the employment relationship

Avoid non-verified legal templates, choose wisely

In 2023, German employment contracts were updated 11 times at least. Free templates are often missing important updates.
Common standard templates are barely configurable. Costly mistakes can arise from trying to close gaps on your own.
Invalid, outdated or poorly formulated templates pose significant legal risks. Never rely on questionable or outdated sources.
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