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About our termination letter template

Termination of employment

The termination of an employment relationship is an unilateral declaration. It must therefore be formulated clearly and precisely and leave no room for interpretation.

Compliance with legal requirements

With the twinwin termination letter template, you meet meet the legal requirements and minimize the risk of legal disputes.

Left-over vacation days & overtime

The twinwin template for a termination allows for customisation regarding the compensation of left-over vacation days and overtime.

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Legally sound terminations under German law

A well phrased termination letter is an important part of a legally secure termination under German law.

However, it mustn't be overlooked that employees in Germany are comprehensively protected from unjustified terminations and that additional, important legal requirements have to be met for a termination to be lawful.

The provisions of the Dismissal Against Protection Act, where applicable, as well as Special Protection against Dismissal must be respected by employers. Invalid terminations open employers up to the risk of costly lawsuits!

To facilitate fair and legally secure separations, twinwin has created the Separation Manager.
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About the author

This template is maintained by Liz Maria Krause, LL.M.

Liz is Head of Legal at twinwin.
As an expert in employment law, Liz enjoys sharing valuable legal knowledge with HR professionals, enabling them to avoid costly legal mistakes. Her mission at twinwin is to make employment law easy for HR.

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